Ashira Oure

Born in Nairobi and raised in Mombasa, top athlete of Africa, 6 times Kenyan Champion, All African Games Silver Medalist, Commonwealth Boxing Champion and Olympian in 1996 Atlanta Georgia USA.
Turned Pro in 1998 – in 15 years as professional boxer won 6 championship belts including two Championships of World Belt in Jr Middleweight and Middleweight class. Been WBO Supper Middleweight World Championship Joe Calzaghe Challenger, boxed for Don King boxing Production, Florida, USA.
Trained with Pound for Pound King and Olympic 1996 mate Floyd Mayweather.

Ashira Oure Boxing Club creating healthy life style company in Copenhagen, Denmark has done some of the several projects.
1. White Color Boxing –        
2. Holyfield 5X heavyweigh –
3. School project Greenland –
4. Kesler –                                
To mention a few the new goal is to be Champion one more time: this time it is even bigger project – to stop 80% of preventable blindness in Kenya and East Africa. One step at time, one punch at time – one Championship at a time.