Why screen your eyes?

Why screen your eyes?

The economic benefits for Kenya of eliminating avoidable blindness and visual impairment (between 2013 and 2020) is 726,2 million USD, while the total costs in the health system totals 211,8 million USD.

Hollow Foundation: (view pdf here)

Kenya will benefit economically by decreasing the cost of treatment and rehabilitation of blind people as well as increasing the amount of people in the working age, who can actually work. Only 16% of the blind and visually impaired population in Kenya are employed. We need to act now!

To be able to screen for DR, you need qualified ophthalmologists. The number of ophthalmologists in Kenya is 86 (88 expected in 10 years time). This is far from enough. International Council of Ophthalmology: A system is needed to mass-screen and monitor the patients until treatment is necessary. Guidelines and advice about how to maintain a stable blood sugar level is also needed. It takes too much time to screen each person and do the analysis manually It it takes too many resources away from doctors to do this type of screening.

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